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How To Use A Large Walk Behind Lawn Mower?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are many models of a large walk behind lawn mowers. When selecting one, you must take into consideration what are the characteristics and dimensions of the land you are going to work in.

While it is true that these machines are generally used throughout the year, their use is intensified in the rainy season, which is when the grass will grow faster.

Also, when buying it, you should advise yourself on its maintenance, the technical service to repair breakdowns, the places where you can buy spare parts, among other things.

To use a walk behind lawn mower correctly, you must make sure you follow the following guidelines:

  1. Read, very carefully, the instruction manual that it brings to know the operation and the possibilities of the machine, so you will make sure that it lasts longer in good conditions.
  2. In addition, you should also be informed about the type of materials that you can cut and which ones you should avoid so that they do not get stuck in the blades and become a danger for you.
  3. Always, before you go to use it, make sure there are no loose parts inside the machine. Also, remember to remove any objects from the lawn that could cause the mower to lock up. For example, balls, children’s toys, etc.
  4. Never run the mower inside your home, as this can cause carbon dioxide to build up. It is best to do it in open spaces.
  5. Try not to have any part of your body or your clothing near the machine when it is in operation.
  6. Large Walk Behind Lawn mowers, as the name implies, are cut, so you should not be careless when you are using them.
  7. If the mower runs on gasoline, fill it outdoors and away from flammable or combustible materials.
  8. If the mower is electric, never mow the lawn while it is wet. Also, make sure that the extension cord is in perfect condition and that it has the electrical power it requires for its operation. When you have finished using it, save, save and protect all the tools you worked with, since if the mower gets wet in the rain, you will have to replace it in a very short time.
  9. Finally, make sure that the mower is in good condition as long as its blades are well sharpened so that you can carry out your work satisfactorily.

But what else do you need to know about the correct use of a
the best commercial walk behind mowers?

best commercial walk behind mowers

What do you need to use a large walk behind lawn mower?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are different types of lawn mowers and, depending on the space where you are going to work, you need to know which one is the most suitable. Some of the pruners that exist are the following:

  1. If space is tight, then you can use a manual walk behind lawn mower, which is pushed by hand. They are very simple machines that have nothing but blades.
  2. If you do not want to exert more physical effort, you can choose to use a self-propelled mower with rotating and gradual blades, depending on the height of the lawn.
  3. In case the surface is very wide, you should use a minitractor mower. This is a car-like machine, it has seats and is driven with the help of a steering wheel. Although it is true that their price is much higher, they are more comfortable and practical.
  4. To work in areas with unevenness or difficult access, you can use hedge trimmers or brush cutters, which are electric or gasoline-powered machines.
  5. Finally, to remove grass debris and dry leaves from the garden, you can use blowers. These are tube-shaped machines that have a motor and generate high-power air currents.

One of the things that will help you do the job of mowing the lawn more easily is determining the shape of the lawn. While it is true that the trend is to have a square garden, round and irregular ones are easier to work with. But, what other recommendations would you use to know?

Tips for using a walk behind lawn mower

Next, I will share with you some tricks so that your lawn always looks green and healthy:

  1. When mowing the lawn, you should not mow more than three parts of the blade, as this facilitates the absorption of water and nutrients, especially during the summertime.
  2. Make sure that the mower blades are always sharp. When they are not, they tear the end of the blades, which facilitates the entry of different diseases.
  3. Make watering the lawn in the early hours of the morning, because if you do overnight, water droplets remaining on the leaves can harbor diseases that end up damaging it.
  4. Keep your lawn well balanced. This requires you to know the pH of the soil and the amount of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium it contains.
  5. Recycle your garden waste by making compost piles. The way to do it is very simple. You just have to drive 4 metal or wooden stakes, 1.5 m long, 30 cm into the ground, forming a square. Then cover 3 of its sides with chicken wire.

Put grass clippings, dry leaves, straw, and kitchen scraps in the pile. However, refrain from depositing remains of meat, bones, or some vegetable residues that have been treated with some type of herbicide, whether normal or selective.

If you take these recommendations into account, you can be sure that your lawn will always have a beautiful green color and will be the center of attention in the neighborhood where you live. Also, you already know the correct way to use a walk behind lawn mower. If you follow my advice in the letter, it will be a long time before you have to replace any of its parts.

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