Do you know how contact lenses be stored if the solution runs out

How Contact Lenses Can Be Stored If The Solution Runs Out?

Many contact lens users are familiar with the situation when the lenses need to be removed, and the multifunctional solution in which they should be stored is out of stock, or it is simply not at hand. In this article, we’ll show you where to put your lenses if there is no solution available.

Why is it important to store lenses in a multifunctional solution?

Contact lens manufacturers and ophthalmologists are talking about the need to store lenses in special plastic containers filled with cleaning solutions.

The most convenient to use are multifunctional solutions that perform several important functions for the care of best contact lenses in Pakistan are

  1. Removal of contamination

Thorough cleaning of the surface from dust, microbes, the dirt of any type is one of the main tasks facing the multifunctional solution. With this tool, in the first stage of cleaning, you can remove up to 90% of surface dirt.

  1. Disinfection

Contact lenses come in contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, which is very vulnerable to the effects of various pathogens. Therefore, it is very important to wear contact lenses in Pakistan that are sterile and will not contribute to eye infections. 

  1. Moisturizing

Most multifunctional solutions contain special moisturizer. It protects the contact optics from drying out, preserves their physical properties, and ensures the user’s comfort when wearing.

Unfortunately, there are situations when this is not possible. Therefore, information about where else to put the lenses is relevant for many.

Where can you put the lenses if there is no solution?

You forgot to buy a new bottle of the multifunctional solution on time, stayed overnight with friends, accidentally split your cleaner, lingered somewhere because of bad weather – this is just a small list of situations when it is not possible to organize the storage of contact lenses according to all the rules.

Can contact lenses be stored in saline?

Saline is a 0.9% sodium chloride aqueous solution. It can be purchased ready-made at any pharmacy or prepared on your own from 100 grams of distilled water and 0.9 grams of common salt. The second option is not recommended for people with high eye sensitivity or a tendency to allergic reactions.

Prepare storage containers and sterilize before removing lenses. Then pour in enough saline to completely cover the optical products. Place the lenses in the container and close the lid tightly.

Can I put lenses in eye drops?

Another acceptable alternative to multifunctional solutions is moisturizing eye drops. They are commonly used for dry eyes or to improve the comfort of the wearer while wearing the lenses. Such drops do not disinfect optical products but will help preserve their structure and protect them from drying out.

Some users put their optical products in Taufon or other drops. This option is not optimal. 

Where should contact lenses not be stored?

If saline and eye drops are undesirable, but an acceptable option where you can temporarily store lenses, then some products are strictly forbidden to use for this purpose.

  • Water

Can contact lenses be put in water overnight? This question is of interest to many users because, in the absence of a solution, ordinary water is the most affordable remedy. However, manufacturers and ophthalmologists say that it contains a huge number of pathogens that accumulate on the lenses and can contribute to the development of eye infections. It is for this reason that you cannot even rinse the lenses with water – both tap and boiled.

The only acceptable option is distilled water, but after that, the optical products must be disinfected in any case.

  • Saliva

On Internet forums, you can find the most unusual advice on the topic “What else can replace special fluids for storing lenses.” Some people advise using their saliva: supposedly its composition is natural for the body and cannot harm the eyes. Doctors refute this myth and say that saliva contains a huge number of microbes that can cause infection.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Many users reason like this: there are special peroxide cleaners for contact optics, which means that hydrogen peroxide is suitable for storing lenses. Ophthalmologists explain that hydrogen peroxide is contained in small proportions in special purifiers. Also, after cleaning, the peroxide in these solutions is neutralized especially so as not to harm the eyes and cause burns to the cornea. Storing lenses in regular hydrogen peroxide and then not rinsing them thoroughly can result in severe chemical burns.

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