How To Tell Your Peeps To Wear Contact Lenses During Work

Many people are curious about using prescription or natural contact lenses. However, even though their use has been popularized, contact lenses can still cause some resistance to potential customers especially those whose work required long hours and consistency. You can actually learn how to tell your mates to put on contact lenses and increase the reliability of your relationship with your peeps.

The main fears that are associated with lenses is the idea of ​​comfort and discomfort when putting and removing contact lenses from the eyes. So always offer the best brand contact lenses to avoid this discomfort. This is why it is important to teach your customer to wear contact lenses with all the care recommended by ophthalmologists. Thus always ensuring safety and eye health.

It is common for customers and sellers of contact lenses to know a lot about the advantages and facilities that we obtain when using contact or natural contact lenses. However, it is also common for new contact lens wearers to still feel a little apprehensive when trying out their new lenses. What makes the difference for the customer to feel confident and complete their purchase is the type of approach with which we teach them how to use the product and allay their fears. For instance, a customer comes to us to inquire about solotica hidrocor lenses price offered in Pakistan. We tell them that solotica lenses are expensive but it ensure the safety of your eyes.

With the right approach, transmitting safety and teaching the procedure of putting on and removing contact lenses properly, we significantly increase the chances that our customers will want to try and purchase a pair of prescription or natural contact lenses. 

The step by step to put on contact lenses is simple but requires some care that we must observe and safely transmit to new contact lens users.

There are 7 necessary steps to confidently teach your customer how to put on contact lenses safely and convey credibility:

1- Reassuring your customer and welcoming your initial concerns about how to put on contact lenses

Placing an object on the surface of the eyes can sometimes seem like a slightly uncomfortable idea for those who still don’t know the easiness of using contact lenses. So the first thing to do is to reassure your customer.

Ask about your doubts and clarify them very carefully, always remembering the benefits of wearing contact lenses and the short adaptation period. The most important thing in this first stage is to answer your customer’s last doubts and make them as comfortable as possible.

2- Explaining the importance of hygiene care in handling contact lenses

When we demonstrate security and know what we are talking about, our listener tends to listen to us very carefully. This is the right time to teach your customer about the importance of washing hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses, as well as keeping the cases always clean and the lenses always moist with the solution liquid indicated in an airy place. When contact lenses are well cared for and clean, we can enjoy full comfort for the eyes and prolong eye health.

Time to put on natural or contact lenses.

3 – Washing hands:

Ask your customer to wash their hands thoroughly with soap, preferably one that is unscented and antibacterial. Then ask them to dry them and remind them not to use lint-free towels so that foreign bodies do not pass onto the surface of the contact lens. This step is vital for ensuring eye health!

4 – Teaching about the right side of contact lenses:

Ask your customer to take one of the lenses and with clean hands, observe it for a few moments. He must learn to recognize which side is the side that should be in contact with the surface of the eyes. Every lens has an ideal curvature, and if it has the edges out, then it means that the lens is turned inside out. Just untap them and go to the next step.

5 – The lens-eye contact

With objective commands, but in a soft tone, ask your customer to hold the upper eyelid with one hand, and with the other, he uses the middle finger to bring the lens up to the eye. This is the most stressful time for beginners, so it is important to provide an atmosphere of tranquility and confidence. It is essential to have patience and teach your customer to be patient, too; not everyone will get it right the first time.

6 – Fixing the lens and adapting the eyes

After your customer has completed the previous step of putting the lens in contact with the eye, ask him to blink and, if necessary, move the lens with his index finger until it is in a comfortable position, and the vision is in perfect condition. Ask him to move his eyes in several directions so that he is sure the lens is fixed and feels confident.

7 – Congratulating the customer and encouraging their learning

This is the time to congratulate your customer for completing this step that made him so insecure. He overcame his fears! It’s time for your customer to put into practice what you have taught them and repeat the steps with the second eye. If he has any doubts, be ready to assist him.


Be aware that you are teaching the technique of how to put on contact or natural contact lenses, but it is in your customer’s day-to-day life that he will acquire the practice and find the most effortless technique that is safe for his eyes. Don’t be in a hurry to teach, the more kind and patient you are, the less chance of giving up. Everyone has the ability to learn, just practice a few times. Always recommend a clean and safe environment so that the customer does not lose their lenses when trying to practice at home.

Also, give some tips so that he can remove the contact lenses. Show that the lens can slide past the colored outline of the eyes and that this is the best way to make a move with the fingers of “tweezers” when removing them that is, drag the lens to the side white corner of the eye and “pinch” it out. Remember to warn the customer that when the eyes are dry, the lenses tend to stick more to the ocular surface. In this case, it is recommended to drip a humidifier.

Teaching your customer about eye health considerably increases the bond of trust between you, be attentive to medical recommendations, and be a reference of credibility in the ophthalmological area.

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