Machine Art: This Robot Draws Paintings

is art in danger? Hardly likely. But in the future fantastic works may no longer come from humans alone. In any case, the drawing robot Al Robo Painter from the US online shop is busy painting paintings. With a brush and water-based paints, he puts a tree and a bird on paper in no time at all. But the machine doesn’t paint all by itself. The artist Jean Liang sits next to it. He creates the picture on a drawing tablet; the robot repeats the movements.

Three weeks to the prototype offers oil drawings from photos. Artists paint every Instagram picture, Facebook photo or family portrait on a canvas in just a few weeks. In order to optimize the drawing process, the start-up is researching a robot that draws. Three weeks ago, writes an author named Chris, he started the experiment. Now the prototype is ready. The inventors show how it works in the video.

Robots with sensitivity

According to Computer Bild, the printer takes all three dimensions into account. In this way he not only recognizes the position of the brush, but also the pressure that the draftsman is exerting on his pen. This creates thick or very fine lines. The robot remembers every step and perfectly imitates the artist. He repeats what he has learned as often as he likes.

Automation of the drawing process

The device’s movements still look awkward, but the result is surprising. According to Chris, the goal is to reproduce mechanical paintings and automate the drawing process. So he wants to quickly and easily bring oil drawings from vacation photos onto canvas.

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