Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner to Clean The Art Mess

Regardless of whether it’s the bread crumbs after a hearty breakfast once you are done with painting or the dog’s hair after petting your beloved four-legged friend after a long painting session- cleaning is not only annoying, but also time-consuming. Practical household helpers who support us with cleaning work are therefore useful. With a powerful vacuum cleaner, mess on the floor can be removed efficiently. 

Above all, the suction power provides information on how well the device removes dust and dirt from the surfaces. In addition to the classic cylinder vacuum cleaner, cordless devices and vacuum robots as well as special models for pet owners and allergy sufferers are also available.

For small households or occasional, small amounts of soiling that need to be removed quickly, it is worth purchasing a handheld vacuum cleaner or vacuums with retractable cords. Since the compact devices are battery operated, they do without cables, which makes them particularly flexible. This allows you to get into areas that are difficult to access, such as particularly tight corners and narrow spaces between furniture. If you have a rather small apartment with little amount of dirt, you are also well advised to use a stick or stick vacuum cleaner. 

The cordless vacuum cleaners often combine two devices in one: If necessary, they can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner in just a few simple steps. With the extension, users can also easily reach ceilings. The classic devices with hose and rollers usually offer a higher cleaning power. However, since the regular change of the vacuum cleaner bags continuously incurs costs, more and more consumers are turning to the bagless alternative. Here the dust collects in a collecting container that has to be emptied as soon as it is full. 

Many devices are equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories, which include special nozzles and brushes for hard floors. luxury plank floors or carpets as well as for upholstery, cracks and joints. A particular degree of thoroughness is required from all those who are allergic to mites or animal hair. Devices specially designed for allergy sufferers provide a remedy. The difference to conventional models is that coarse and fine dust are collected in different areas of the dust container. This means that the dirt particles are emptied separately from one another, which reduces the amount of dust that is blown up. The integrated HEPA filters do not release the allergens, pollen and dust into the exhaust air, but bind them. 

Pet owners also get their money’s worth: vacuum cleaners designed to remove animal hair have a special attachment that is particularly effective on carpets. Another option for pet owners and allergy sufferers are steam vacuums, which remove dust, hair and allergens particularly thoroughly. However, these devices are only suitable for smooth hard floors such as tiles, planks, parquet, laminate or natural stones. Wet-dry vacuum cleaners, i.e. a combination of steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners, are also recommended. In contrast to bagless vacuum cleaners, the sucked-in particles are not collected in a dust container, but in a water container.

Since the devices also filter allergens from the exhaust air, they are also suitable for allergy sufferers. Vacuum cleaner robots do the vacuuming independently and completely relieve the user of this annoying task. With these practical devices, users can even have their floors cleaned in their absence. The compact vacuum robots are equipped with obstacle and stair sensors for this purpose. Smart models even first create a map of the room, which they use to scan the floor without encountering annoying furniture.

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