What to Do When Contact Lenses Hurt While Painting

Even if contact lenses behave mostly inconspicuously and prove to be a pleasant companion in everyday life, there can still be discomfort when wearing them while using paints. There are various causes for these complaints. Most causes can be avoided or remedied with the right tips and procedures .

No contact lens fitting & incorrect contact lens selection

One of the most common problems with wearing contact lenses occurs due to a non-existent contact lens fitting. There are individually suitable contact lenses for every person. We advise against buying contact lenses without adjustment, because you will very quickly resort to wrong and harmful products for your eyes. The wearing comfort and the contact lens experience will suffer. Some of the transparent contact lenses like Acuve, Baush and Lomb and Optix are great in terms of comfort and wearing fit. Other colored contact lenses brands like Dahab, Freshkon, Freshlook or Bella contact lenses in Pakistan are also considered good options for contact lens fitting.

As part of the fitting, you will receive valuable tips from the optician and your individual contact lens will be selected for you. Even as an experienced contact lens wearer, you should have a check-up at least once a year.

2. Handling and care of contact lenses

Inadequate hygiene or care of contact lenses is a common cause of problems that arise when wearing contact lenses. Foreign bodies such as eyelashes, grains of sand and the like or bacteria accumulate on the lens and can lead to itching and reddening of the eyes. Failure to comply with wearing times or the wearing time can also cause these problems.

Among the symptoms may include:

  •  Burn
  •  Itch
  •  Sudden uncomfortable feeling when wearing contact lenses
  •  Strong feeling of foreign bodies in the eye (“like a grain of sand”)
  •  Increased formation of tear fluid
  •  Unusual gluing of the eyes due to white-yellowish secretion
  •  Redness of the eyes
  •  Reduced eyesight
  •  Glassy view
  •  Dry eyes
  •  Cloudiness of the contact lenses, heavy deposits

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